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The TriFold Showpiece

in four special versions

1. The Calvin-Knox-1560 Edition

2. The Calvin-Westminster-1647 Edition

3. The Calvin-Spurgeon-1689 Edition


4. A Custom Engraved Edition Of Your Choice


an exquisite trifold showpiece
from the Geneva region

Center & Left Panel Carvings

The Center Panel is an exact replica carving of Calvin's Chair from 1536

The Left Calvin Panel includes:


The Coat of Arms of Geneva

(Significance: The glory of Christ over the city

and the Keys of the Kingdom)

Post Tenebras Lux

(Significance: the theme of creation, salvation,

the Reformation, and missions)

Three Fleur de Lys

(Significance: a Trinitarian motif from the Kingdom of France,

Calvin's primary mission field)

Calvin's motto in your choice of French or English

Je t'offre mon cœur, Seigneur, prompte et sincère

I offer you my heart, Lord, promptly and sincerely

Soli Deo Gloria

Calvin's Signature

1509 - 1564

The French Calvinist Huguenot Cross

(Significance: The four petals represent the four Gospels,

the eight points on the perimeter represent the eight beatitudes,

and the dove represents the Holy Spirit)


Starting with the Calvin bifold display, you can add
a third panel of Knox, Westminster, or Spurgeon

Calvin-Knox 1560 Edition

(Right Panel Engravings)

The Coat of Arms of Scotland

Sola Scriptura

Three Fleur de Lys

Your choice of one out of three John Knox quotes:

Spare No Arrows

Resistance To Tyranny

Is Obedience To God

O Lord Eternal,

Move And Govern My Tongue

To Speak The Truth

Sola Gratia


Knox's Signature

1514 - 1572

A Celtic-Presbyterian Cross


Calvin-Westminster 1647 Edition

(Right Panel Engravings)



The Coat of Arms

of Westminster Abbey


What Is The

Chief End of Man?

Three Fleur de Lys

To Glorify God

And To

Enjoy Him Forever




A Westminster Cross Patoncé


Calvin-Spurgeon 1689 Edition

(Right Panel Engravings)



The Coat of Arms

of the City of London


London 1689

Three Fleur de Lys

We Preach Christ

And Him Crucified

Solus Christus


Spurgeon's Signature


A Shield

Bearing the Sword & Trowel




The dimensions of the chair carvings

are the same as that of Calvin's original chair from 1536 on display

at la Cathédrale Saint Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland.


Every Order is a Custom Order

We do not maintain any stock or inventory of our works. When you order, you are commissioning your own œuvre d'art that we lovingly craft for you from select, hand-picked, solid Walnut sourced from the foot of the Alps and made in our woodshop in Bons-En-Chablais, France.


Gift Wrapping?

In our opinion, every single order is a special gift. In true French spirit, we look with condescension at plastic packaging & bubble wrap. Au contraire, we treat your gift like a fine grand cru; we wrap it like a baby angel in a velvety, suede material, tie it with a regal bow, and then we gently lay it in a special wooden shipping box that we custom-build in our woodshop. So you will literally need a screwdriver to open it when it arrives.


Order Your

Trifold Showpiece Today

A Special note to Churches

When planning a gift for your pastor, we know it can be a hassle to collect personal donations from your members. And if you try to do it on a Sunday morning, you risk giving away the surprise.


To solve this problem, and to make your life easier, we can create a special online giving link, "Gift for Pastor John" for example, that you can simply email to all your members.



Please contact us for more details.

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