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Frequently asked questions

About us?

We are a small, Gospel-centered, bilingual family woodshop in the French countryside, just across the border from Geneva and we are passionate about the sovereignty and glory of God in Jesus Christ, the Five Solas, and the Reformation.

Our Ministry Projects?



Your purchase of our Calvin's Chair replica artwork goes to support the following ministry projects:

1. The top free, online Sunday school curriculum which has been accessed by Francophones in over 40 countries around the world.

2. The only French website to be structured around the key doctrines of systematic theology with 50+ pages of Scriptural foundations.

3. An online witness on social media to reach Francophones around the world.

The Least Reached of France

The Vendée is the least-reached department of western France, where Christ-followers number only 1/10th of 1 percent. We currently support a church plant in the Vendée and we are currently seeking funds for a future camp property.

Watch our camp video here

Every Order is

A Custom Order?

Mais oui.

We do not maintain any stock or inventory of our works. Every single order is uniquely commissioned by you, and loving crafted for you, the client.

How long does crafting take?

In the spirit of Old World artisanal woodshops, we do everything in-house; from the website, to photography, to the crafting, to hand sanding, and tying the bow. Like a fine French Bordeaux, some things can't be rushed.

Signature Wall Art - 70 days

BiFold Display - 90 days

Trifold Showpiece - 110 days

Custom Engraving?

A custom message can be engraved in place of Calvin's French Motto on the Signature Wall Art, BiFold Display, and the TriFold Showpiece. The character limit, including spaces, is 19 characters per line and a maximum of 4 lines.

Gift Packaging?

In our opinion, every order is a special gift. In true French spirit, we look down our noses at plastic packaging and bubble wrap. In true French spirit, we treat your artwork like a fine grand cru; we wrap it like a baby angel in a velvety, suede material, tie it with a bow, and then we lay it in a special wooden shipping box that we custom-build in our woodshop. So you will literally need a screwdriver to open it when it arrives.


We ship exclusively with UPS Worldwide. The UPS shipping time estimates generally do not include the time that it takes for your package to transit the customs bureau in your country. However, UPS recuperates your package from customs as soon as it is processed.



UPS Worldwide is required to transit your package through your country's customs bureau. In the event that your customs agents decide to assess an import duty, UPS will simplify the process of paying the duty by sending you a payment link on the UPS website. Recent shipments to the USA have been assessed a $40 import tax by US Customs.

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