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TriFold Showpiece: Calvin-Knox-1572 Edition

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The exquisite TriFold Showpiece is finally here.

The perfect gift for Reformed pastors, professors, husbands, fathers, and even churches.

Left-hand Panel

The Coat of Arms of Geneva, Post Tenebras Lux, Three Fleur de Lys, Calvin's French Motto (Je t'offre mon cœur, Seigneur, prompt et sincère/I offer you my heart, Lord, promptly and sincèrely), Soli Deo Gloria, Calvin's Signature, Calvin's Years: 1509-1564, and The French Calvinist Hugenot Cross.

Center Panel

The center panel will feature a near-perfect replica in its height, width, and carvings of the back of Calvin's original chair from 1536 on display at la Cathédrale Saint Pierre in Geneva, Switzerland.

Right-Hand Panel

The top of the panel will feature the Coat of Arms of Scotland, followed by Sola Scriptura. For the middle of the panel, you can choose one of the following John Knox quotes:

- Spare No Arrows

- Resistance to Tyranny Is Obedience To God

- O Lord Eternal, Move And Govern My Tongue To Speak The Truth

The bottom of the panel will also feature Sola Gratia, Knox's carved signature, Knox's Years: 1514-1572, and a Celtic-style Presbyterian cross.

How Long Does It Take?

110 days for crafting + shipping time with UPS Worldwide.

The Material

Solid, hand-selected European Walnut, sourced from the foot of the Alps.


Height: 66cm, Width: 82cm, Thickness: 3.5cm, Weight: 15kgs


Like a fine French wine, we lovingly & delicately package your chair in its own custom wooden box made in our woodshop.


We ship exclusively with UPS Worldwide. Please be aware that the shipping time estimate given by UPS typically does not include the time it takes them to transit your package through the customs bureau in your country of destination.


Depending on your country of residence, your customs agents may assess an import tax to you, which UPS Worldwide will then give you the opportunity to pay online or to the UPS driver upon delivery to your door. Calvin's Chair Woodshop has no means of calculating a potential import duty or tax in advance. Recent shipments to America have been assessed a $40 import tax by U.S. Customs.

Every order is custom-made

Calvin's Chair Woodshop does not maintain any stock or inventory of our works. Each piece is commissioned by you and uniquely crafted for you, the client. Given the rare nature of custom artwork, your piece cannot be returned due to a change of mind.

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