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Reformation Raclette & Charcuterie - The Full Set

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Serve up the raclette or the apéro with these truly unique, one-of-a-kind Reformation-themed Fromage and Charcuterie boards. A perfect gift for Dad, your pastor, or favorite professor - for Christmas, a birthday, Father's Day, or Pastor's Appreciation Day.

A Kingdom-Missional Cause

Your purchase helps us toward the goal of purchasing a camp property in the most unreached region of western France, the Vendée, where believers number only 1/10th of 1 percent.

The Full Set Includes:

  1. 8 mini-boards which can be used for raclette or as drink coasters.
  2. 1 Fromage/Apéro board for your exquisite cheese platter.
  3. 1 Charcuterie/Apéro board for your choice meats.

7 Mini-Raclette/Drink Coaster Sets to choose from:

  1. Calvin & the Geneva Reformers Set of 8: Calvin, Farel, Debèze, Knox, Viret, Olivétan, Turretin, and Geneva.
  2. Life of Luther Set of 8: Luther, Katie, Eisleben, Erfurt, Wittenberg, Wartburg, Worms, and Augsburg.
  3. Zwingli & the Zurich Reformers Set of 4 doubled: Zwingli (2), Zurich (2), Bullinger (2), and Vermigli (2).
  4. Presbyterian Set of 8: Calvin, Knox, Geneva, WCF, Hodges, Warfield, Machen, and Vos.
  5. Dutch Reformed Set of 8: Calvin, Belgica, Heidelberg, Dordt, De Brès, Brackel, Kuyper, and Bavinck.
  6. Reformed Baptist Set of 8: Spurgeon, Bunyan, Carey, Collins, Coxe, Gill, Judson, and Keach.
  7. Huguenot Set of 8: Calvin, Wassy, Le Desert, Le Refuge, Nantes, Cevennes, Camisards, and Resister.
  8. Puritan Set of 8 (Coming Soon)

9 Fromage & Charcuterie Boards to choose from:

  1. Calvin with the Geneva crest
  2. Geneva with the Geneva crest
  3. Luther with the Luther Rose
  4. Zwingli with the 16th century Zurich crest
  5. Farel with the Neuchâtel crest
  6. Knox with the Scottish crest
  7. WCF 1646 with the Westminster Abbey crest
  8. Bavinck with the Royal Dutch Crest
  9. Huguenot with the Huguenot Cross

How Long Does It Take?

21 days for crafting + shipping time with UPS Worldwide.

The Material

A light, laminated hardwood that is durable and resistant to warping.

The Finish

These boards are not burned. They are carved and then stained with a natural French Brou de noix stain and then sealed with a clear, mat varnish.

Raclette Board/Drink Coaster Specifications

Height: 12.5cm, Width: 11cm, Thickness: 1.5cm

Height: 4.92 inches, Width: 4.33 inches, Thickness: 0.6 inches.

Fromage & Charcuterie Board Specifications

Height: 31 cm, Width: 27cm, Thickness: 1.5cm

Height: 12.2 inches, Width: 10.6 inches, Thickness: 0.6 inches.


We ship exclusively with UPS Worldwide. Please be aware that the shipping time estimate given by UPS typically does not include the time it takes them to transit your package through the customs bureau in your country of destination.


Depending on your country of residence, your customs agents may assess an import tax to you, which UPS Worldwide will then give you the opportunity to pay online or to the UPS driver upon delivery to your door. Calvin's Chair Woodshop has no means of calculating a potential import duty in advance. Recent shipments to America have been assessed a $40 import tax by U.S. Customs.

Every order is custom-made

Calvin's Chair Woodshop does not have any stock or inventory of our works. Each piece is commissioned by you and uniquely crafted for you, the client. Given the rare nature of custom artwork, your piece cannot be returned due to a change of mind.

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